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This is more than your typical real estate video, we like to shoot our houses in the most cinematic way possible, showing what makes each home special. Every home has a different personality and we want to show that to your potential clients. Utilizing drones, steady cams and some of the most cutting edge cameras, we can turn your vision into a reality. Every home has its story, we would love to tell it for you.

Ground Up Productions

According to MLS statistics, properties photographed by drones sold 68% faster. Aerial photography is currently the best way to showcase the selling points of a home or building, and drones offer a cheaper and more convenient alternative to helicopters and planes. Drones are the next step in high-end real estate sales and agencies who are quick to adopt them will receive a cutting edge advantage over their competition.

Ground Up Productions commercial real estate drone videos are high quality, high performance, and always affordable. Whether elegant, utilitarian or somewhere in between, a commercial property can always be cast in the best light using our techniques. Aerial photography and video provides a beautiful and refreshing viewpoint for all types of commercial real estate. The view from above accurately and uniquely depicts the square footage of a given property, the amenities available and any special features of a commercial property or development.

If you are developing a specific piece of land, a drone flyover can help in planning, preparation and communication amongst a group of developers. If you are seeking a financial investment, a video flyover can complement any business plan. When used creatively, a drone flyover video can establish a vision for the future of the property.

Our quadcopter drones are mounted with an advanced camera and gimbal technology that captures video and photos at another level. We film all our real estate videos in H.256 codec High Quality 4k. The rotating gimbal system stabilizes the camera no matter what the angle or speed of flight. These drones allow the pilot to create crystal-clear video of any construction project or commercial development in almost any weather condition.


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Consider what our aerial real estate video packages can do for you!

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